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Architecture the key to creating a more humanistic approach to technology

Charles Walker

As a kind of “specialised generalist”, an architect needs to have a broad understanding of new technologies – whether they relate to smart cities, intelligent building systems, digital fabrication techniques, complex design and business management tools, or the internet of everything.

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Explainer: how a royal commission will investigate Christchurch shootings

Kris Gledhill

The trial of the man accused of the murders and attempted murders in the Christchurch mosque attacks is one small but important legal process.

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Pacific countries score well in media freedom index, but reality is far worse

David Robie

When Pacific countries reflect on the state of their media today, marking World Press Freedom Day, they know the reality is much worse than the ticks they got from a global media freedom watchdog last month.

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What does luxury really mean?

Tracy Harkison

To date there is no objective or quantifiable definition of luxury or the luxury market due to their nebulous nature.

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The SKA: should NZ stay or leave?

Vice-Chancellor Derek McCormack

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is one of the biggest projects on the planet. But it costs money to stay at the table and in a time of competing budget priorities and rival agendas the debate is heating up. So let’s look at the facts.

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