Zoom kōrero connects our global alumni

11 Oct, 2022

Connecting with our internationally based alumni is just a Zoom link away, thanks to a virtual networking initiative launched by the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law.

Korero with International Alumni invited students to Zoom in and hear from alumni based in three continents about their experiences, advice, tips & tricks for living and working overseas.

The mix of personal and professional words of wisdom gave students the opportunity to think globally and consider where in the world they would want to put into practice their academic skills, knowledge, and qualifications.

Gargi Khullar

Gargi Khullar (MBA, 2012) is a Regional Business Sales Manager with AT&T in San Francisco. She shared two key points:  first, you are the CEO of your life, so you need to lead the way, your way; and second, push yourself to get the best version of you. Now in a leadership role herself, Gargi shared her own experiences with self-doubt and imposter syndrome. She also shared her solutions to these challenges: find a mentor with whom you authentically connect, and don’t be afraid of taking risks – that's how you learn to succeed.

Haydn Burke

Haydn Burke moved to Canada just as COVID lockdowns began. He highlighted the challenges of settling into a new country – including securing an affordable rental, finding local amenities, and making new friends. Haydn also emphasised the value of work-life balance, and the importance of having access to green spaces to enjoy an active lifestyle. And he offered a key insight; Kiwi colloquialisms such as “mate” are not welcome in the Canadian workplace, where more formal business greetings are expected.

Olaf Wrieden

Originally from Germany and now based in Australia, Olaf Wrieden and his friends built the digital platform vaxx.co.nz to assist New Zealanders to book in their vaccine appointments. Olaf said his participation in the Young Enterprise Scheme programme at secondary school propelled him to think of problems that needed solutions. Currently a Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft in Brisbane after interning for a year, Olaf encouraged students to participate in X-Challenge where entrepreneurial ideas could be made real.

The Korero with International Alumni session closed with each alumnus offering to coach, review CV’s, connect via LinkedIn, and to connect in person in the future.

Based on the success of this pilot session, the BEL Partnerships Team will deliver Korero with International Alumni as a series in 2023, connecting our current students with more of our internationally based alumni.

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