World Journalism Congress at AUT

15 Jul, 2016
Universite Sorbonne nouvelle Profesor of media sociology Divinia Frau-Meigs

The CEO whose organisation stood behind the release of the Panama Papers will be a speaker at the World Journalism Congress to be held at AUT in July this week.  Peter Bale runs the Centre for Public Integrity in Washington DC,   one of the largest nonpartisan, nonprofit investigative centers in America.  

Before joining the Center he was a Vice President and General Manager of Digital at CNN International, where he ran and other digital products outside the United States.

The Congress will address the most pressing issues confronting journalism and journalism educators around the world today. The event is held every three years and brings together people involved in a range of journalist activities.

Associate Professor Verica Rupar won the Congress for AUT and is the Chair of the event's Steering Committee.  With more than 200 participants coming from 48 countries, Rupar is expecting robust debate about journalism, newsrooms and classrooms in the 21st century. "What counts as journalism today? What opportunities are offered by the digital environment and who is innovating? And what of the concerns for reputation and media freedoms? These are the significant questions to be discussed at the Congress," she says.

Other speakers include Simon Cottle, the past head of the School of Journlaism at Cardiff University, Divinia Frau-Meigs, a profesor of media sociology at Universite Sorbonne nouvelle in France, Stephen Reese from the University of Texas, Cait McMahon from Dart Centre Asia Pacific and Kalafi Moala (Taimi Media Network- Tonga)

Full programme is available here.
More speaker detail here, and panel detail here.

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