Tuvalu Language Week 2017

05 Oct, 2017
Tālofa! (Greetings!) AUT is proud to support Tuvalu Language Week from October 1-7.

Tālofa! (Greetings!) AUT is proud to support Tuvalu Language Week from October 1-7.

This year marks the fifth annual Tuvalu Language Week.

There are just over 3,500 Tuvaluan people in New Zealand – (37 percent of whom were born here). Almost half of them are able to hold an everyday conversation in Tuvaluan.

Here at AUT, we have created a video to raise awareness and drive discussion around the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #7: Affordable & Clean Energy.

We asked Tuvaluan students at AUT why renewable energy should be the way of the future.
Tuvalu has committed to receiving 100 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2020. The Tuvalu National Energy Policy (TNEP) was formulated in 2009, and the Energy Strategic Plan defines and directs current and future energy developments.



“E uke a mea lei e maua ne tatou mai i te fakaaogaa o malosi kola e fakafougina, kae talitonu au me ka fesoasoani ki te faitenga, mote fakatumauga, se mo Tuvalu fua kae mo te lalolagi katoa.

“There are countless benefits we receive from using renewable energy and I strongly believe it will help create sustainability, not only in Tuvalu but all over the world,” says Bachelor of Arts student Puatalo Martina Seneka.

“Auā lā ko te pokotia o mafulifulīga o te Laurena i te ‘tai fanaka, e manakogina se fesoasoani mo te laufenua. E ‘tau ke fakaāogā ne tātou ko mālosi e uke toe fakafōufou ke fakamama ei te fakamaseiga ki te tūlaga o te ‘vela o laufale lanulauniu mo manavaga oso.

“Because of the effects of climate change, the environment needs our help. We need to use renewable energies to stop the harm of greenhouse gasses,” says Bachelor of Engineering (honours) student Aselu, who is on a New Zealand Pacific Scholarship from Tuvalu.

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In support of Tuvalu language week, when you call AUT’s main phone line this week, you will be greeted in ‘Gana Tuvalu and listen to gali (beautiful) Tuvaluan music when on hold.
Sipi kana! (Choice!)