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11 Jul, 2019
AUT Roche Diagnostics Lab

In 2014, Associate Professor Fabrice Merien led and inaugurated the AUT-Roche Diagnostics Laboratory following a process of strategic planning implemented in 2013.

The result of an industry and academic partnership between AUT and Roche Diagnostics Ltd NZ, this unique facility is a major player in the healthcare sector.

Thanks to its high level of automation and state-of-the-art equipment, worth $NZ 1M, the laboratory is used by undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as by AUT research staff and external researchers for cross-departmental projects (sports science, aquaculture, metabolic diseases).

In 2017, Associate Professor Merien worked closely with Roche Diagnostics NZ and their new Managing Director, John Wright, to create more business opportunities out of this unique partnership. This has resulted Roche Diagnostics NZ investing further in the facility by making it a Centre of Excellence for training and education.

Through this collaboration, AUT and Roche Diagnostics NZ have broadened their connections through reciprocal events. Centre on further education opportunities for students and laboratory scientists, ensuring that high-quality science for the good of patients is fostered and developed.

Associate Professor Fabrice Merien has a strong belief that the role of a university is to educate and work alongside global market leaders.

“The AUT-Roche Diagnostics Laboratory has become a very tangible example of academia and industry working together. Employers in New Zealand know the excellent reputation of this laboratory, meaning they preferably employ AUT graduates,” he said.

He is keen to keep the Biomedicine and Medical Diagnostics Programmes at AUT connected with the latest industry trends in relevant areas.

“These opportunities based on sound competitiveness will place AUT even more at the forefront of innovation and creativity. These collaborations are invaluable as they provide students with the opportunity to be a step ahead in pursuit of their own dreams and aspirations,” Associate Professor Merien added.

Last week, Jason Huang from Roche Diagnostics NZ (Application Specialist, Haematology) organised a training session on the Sysmex XN analyser for four of their customers. This was the first time that Roche Diagnostics customers are trained in the AUT-Roche Diagnostics Laboratory. This is the first step towards a major upgrade of our laboratory.

“We are keen to learn from this pilot and look forward to consulting with AUT, discussing the experience for all parties and continuing to build educational value for AUT and for Roche through our relationship,” said John Wright, General Manager Roche Diagnostics NZ.

For further information, visit the AUT Roche Diagnostics Laboratory page on the AUT website.

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