The impact of privatisation

10 Feb, 2011
David Wilson
IPP Director, David Wilson

If you're worried about privatisation and the government selling off assets then David Hall's free presentation at AUT's Institute of Public Policy (IPP) is for you.

Hall, from Greenwich University in the UK, has focused his research on the impact of privatisation and public-private-partnerships and he'll talk about his expereince of liberalisation in the UK, Europe and other OECD countries.

Tuesday 15 February
Level 2, 350 Queen St, Auckland City

Director of IPP, David Wilson, says a number of policy choices are being floated in election year designed to balance the books and strengthen the economy. " We've heard about cuts to early childhood education, policies to increase savings and overseas investment, redirecting housing investment and privatisation of SOEs is another. So what do we know? What have we learned? What is the public interest?

"David Hall provides us with an interesting insight into other jurisdictions so we can be more informed about the trade offs involved in privatisation."