Sparkling Spices set to light up at the Aotea Centre

07 Oct, 2011
Sparkling Spices by AUT student Kritteka Gregory.

The next interactive exhibition by CoLab launches tonight with the work fitting in perfectly with the Diwali Festival happening over the weekend.

The artwork

AUT University postgraduate student Kritteka Gregory has designed Sparkling Spices, an interactive artwork inspired by Diwali, the Festival of Lights.

The basis of Gregory’s research in her postgraduate diploma in digital design is focused on her experiences of living in New Zealand but still being very involved with the Indian culture so this artwork fit in perfectly she says.

When Gregory is asked about imagery linked to Diwali she says she automatically  thinks of fireworks.

So her work involves people walking past an Auckland city skyline she designed herself, and as viewers move this is sensed and fireworks are set off.

Each of the fireworks is fused with colours and patterns traditional to her Indian heritage.

“This was the first time I’ve done work that will get some outside recognition.”

She will be collecting feedback from people who interact with the exhibit and use it for her research and her university projects.

Gregory’s work launches tonight October 7 at the Aotea Centre Digital Art Live Owens Foyer, Level 2 and runs until Sunday October 16.

The exhibit is created by Kritteka Gregory in association with Rebecca Jury with music by Nikhil Mokkaptai and Saketh Vishnubhotla.


The artwork is happening in conjunction with Auckland’s Diwali Festival, October 8 to 9 in Aotea Square.

Auckland’s popular Diwali Festival brings the sights, sounds, tastes and energy of India to the heart of Auckland.

AUT University is a supporting sponsor of the event.

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