New professors and associate professors

17 Nov, 2022

AUT is delighted to announce the promotion of 15 of its academics to the position of Professor and a further 30 to the position of Associate Professor.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Damon Salesa says these promotions are a testament to the outstanding contributions and expertise appointees have made in their respective fields.

“A very warm congratulations to the 45 highly accomplished appointees who have progressed to the University's senior academic ranking.

From a teaching, research, and academic citizenship perspective – within the University and beyond – they are all deserving of this wonderful recognition.”

Te Ara Poutama Associate Professor Georgina Stewart (Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Kahu, Ngāti Maru ki Tainui) says the promotion to Professor is the culmination of 12 years of hard work and dedication to academic work.

“As a wahine Māori, this means everything to me. I know my whānau up north will be proud, and I’m grateful to everyone who has helped and supported me along the way.”

A total of 68 applications were submitted this year, up from 38 in 2021.

Dean of the Graduate Research School, Associate Professor Nigel Harris says, “It’s an honour to be appointed as Professor. I’m proud to work at AUT and have always greatly valued the opportunities this wonderful organisation provides to continue learning and developing as I contribute to academic citizenship, research, and teaching”.

The promotions to Professor and Associate Professor are effective as of January 2023.

The following staff will be promoted to Professor

  1. Associate Professor Georgina Stewart – Te Ara Poutama
  2. Associate Professor Boon-Chong Seet – School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
  3. Associate Professor Jacqueline Whalley – School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
  4. Associate Professor Nurul Sarkar – School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
  5. Associate Professor Ali Ghaffarianhoseini – School of Future Environments
  6. Associate Professor Angsana Techatassanasoontorn – Business School
  7. Associate Professor Anil Narayan – Business School
  8. Associate Professor Ella Henry – Business School
  9. Associate Professor Katherine Ravenswood – Business School
  10. Associate Professor Tom Scott – Business School
  11. Associate Professor Chris Krägeloh – School of Clinical Sciences
  12. Associate Professor Jacquie Kidd – School of Clinical Sciences
  13. Associate Professor Rita Krishnamurthi – School of Clinical Sciences
  14. Associate Professor Donnabella Lacap-Bugler – School of Science
  15. Associate Professor Nigel Harris – School of Sport and Recreation

The following staff will be promoted to Associate Professor

  1. Dr Ruth Boyask – School of Education
  2. Dr Stephanie Rossouw – School of Social Sciences
  3. Dr David Sinfield – School of Art and Design
  4. Dr Marcos Mortensen Steagall – School of Art and Design
  5. Dr Natalie Robertson – School of Art and Design
  6. Dr Angelique Nairn – School of Communication Studies
  7. Dr Rachael Ka’ai-Mahuta – School of Communication Studies
  8. Dr Farhaan Mirza – School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
  9. Dr Kosala Gunawardane – School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
  10. Dr Sira Yongchareon – School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
  11. Dr Barbara Myers – Business School
  12. Dr Jose da Fonseca – Business School
  13. Dr Peter McGhee – Business School
  14. Dr Sommer Kapitan – Business School
  15. Dr Jaqueson Galimberti – School of Economics
  16. Dr Guy Charlton – Law School
  17. Dr Katey Thom – Law School
  18. Dr Gael Mearns – School of Clinical Sciences
  19. Dr Joanna Fadyl – School of Clinical Sciences
  20. Dr Kirsten Van Kessel – School of Clinical Sciences
  21. Dr Mangor Pedersen – School of Clinical Sciences
  22. Dr Sonja Goedeke – School of Clinical Sciences
  23. Dr Ailsa Holloway – School of Public Health
  24. Dr Dianne Wepa – School of Public Health
  25. Dr Loic Le De – School of Public Health
  26. Dr Sari Andajani – School of Public Health
  27. Dr Armagan Sabetian – School of Science
  28. Dr Brent Seale – School of Science
  29. Dr Yan Li – School of Science
  30. Dr Jenny Fleming – School of Sport and Recreation
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