New name for AUT recruitment service

02 Mar, 2021
Jade and Rachel talking at table
L to R: AUT talenthub Candidate Manager Jade Bradley and AUT talenthub Relationship Manager Rachel Shareef

A highly successful AUT on-campus recruitment service has rebranded to better reflect the services offered to AUT students and graduates.

AUT talenthub (formerly AUT Internz) has been rebranded to highlight the emphasis on recruitment and placement of graduates - as well as internships - into paid roles in the New Zealand market.

Candidate Manager Jade Bradley continues to look after the student recruitment side of the service, while Relationship Manager Rachel Shareef works with employers.

Employer interest in AUT talenthub continues to grow and develop with many companies now coming back with repeat business.

AUT talenthub recruits a diverse range of roles in various sectors, including project management, software development, communication, creative technology, events and business.

"Just in the last couple of weeks we have placed two communication graduates with Fonterra, two engineering graduates with Ricoh and a multimedia designer graduate with Readiness IT. We've also placed an events intern at Two Islands Company," says Jade.

She says AUT talenthub is a great recruitment opportunity for employers, students and graduates.

"Businesses come to us because we can look after their graduate and internship recruitment for them. We give employers a free and easy way to access the large pool of graduates and do the time-consuming work for them of advertising and screening their roles, then providing a shortlist of candidates who have been well-prepped for interviews."

Rachel says organisations also use AUT talenthub because they have had success with past AUT graduates or have a particular need that fits the graduate profile.

"They know we can help them save time and money and take the stress out of the recruitment process," she adds.

Huge benefit to students too

Students benefit hugely from the service AUT talenthub offers. As well as advertising employment opportunities, the team also carefully support the students through the recruitment process.

"Students tell us they like talenthub because we take the pressure off their job search and give them advice about the process of looking for their first job, whether an internship or a graduate role," says Jade.

This includes directing students to AUT Employability for extra help with upgrading their CV and LinkedIn profiles and developing stronger interview skills through interview practice.

"If a student is nervous or has never done an interview before, we'll send them to Employability for interview practice etc," says Jade.

Through AUT talenthub, Public Relations graduand Beth Stubbe has landed a communications graduate role with Fonterra that she will start in March. She strongly recommends AUT talenthub to other students heading into their first jobs because it took a lot of stress out of the process.

"The screening interview was a great trial run that helped me to think about how I answer interview questions and having someone to call and debrief with throughout the process made it all a lot easier."

Anna Williams, Director Employability, International and Recreation, says having a clear focus on local graduate and internship opportunities is creating greater demand in the marketplace for our students.

"This is a unique student service within the NZ university space, one that really gives our students unique opportunities as they enter into their careers."

What's happened to international internship scholarships?

The international scholarship internship programme maintains the AUT Internz brand, although this programme is currently on hold due to border restrictions.

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