Meet law graduate Natalie

18 Oct, 2021
Natalie - FYG

Following a very successful Find Your Greatness campaign in 2020, Brand and Marketing have launched phase two with fresh new content featuring four new graduates:

  • Kurt Schmidt - Aerospace Engineering
  • Monique Cooper - Healthcare Engineer
  • Dr Lauren Keaney - Research Scientist
  • Natalie Devery – Human Rights Lawyer

View the campaign videos and content

Meet the graduates behind the campaign – law

We have now met three of the four graduates, Kurt and Monique from engineering, and Lauren from sport and recreation.

This week, meet Natalie Devery, who completed a Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honours). Find out why she chose to be part of the campaign and how she found her greatness at AUT.

Natalie says her time at AUT reconnected her with her Māori heritage and ​​​​​​​​te ao Māori. “One of the big things for me that AUT gave to me were opportunities to branch out into finding out about more of my te ao Māori side. I had been quite disconnected from that previously. The Māori Law Society, or Te Aro Ture at AUT, really brought me back into that and gave me more of an appreciation for Māori students in the law and how they're doing such amazing things for the law through AUT.”

Professor Kate Kearins, PVC and Dean of Business, Economics and Law, says she’s really pleased to see law become part of the campaign. “We've got an excellent law school, some outstanding law teachers who really care about their students, so it’s great to see them being part of this.”

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