Law School scholars, supporters honoured

29 Sep, 2022
Two top law students with Dean of AUT Law School

An evening of excitement and excellence – those words aptly describe the recent 2022 AUT Law Awards, which were hosted on the City Campus by Dean of Law, Associate Professor Khylee Quince.

The annual event recognises the outstanding achievements of AUT Law students and acknowledges the support of the Law School by some of the country’s most respected legal firms and practitioners.

Celebrating kanohi ki te kanohi

This year, around 130 Law students and staff, their whānau and families, and representatives from the legal sector came together from as far away as Australia to celebrate the school’s top students.

The keynote speaker was Hamish Peart, a partner at Schmidt and Peart Law, and a specialist in personal injury cases. As an adjunct lecturer at the Law School, Hamish shared his insights into acting for injured people and people with disabilities.

Making law accessible

He highlighted the barriers to justice and the importance of access to legal and professional support; in his words, of “normalising their experience of law and lawyers in our society”.

Hamish said this approach reflects a central value of AUT Law School's values and helps forge its reputation as a “strong and warm-hearted Law School.”

Khylee paid tribute to the many people involved in every student’s successful academic journey through AUT Law School, and to the ongoing support of the movers, shakers, and leaders of Aotearoa’s legal community.

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