Head of NASA’s Juno Mission visits AUT

01 Aug, 2016
L-R: Professor Sergei Gulyaev and Dr Scott Bolton

The head of NASA’s Juno Mission got a first-hand look at AUT’s Institute of Radio Astronomy and Space Research work at its radio telescopes at Warkworth last week.

Dr Scott Bolton was in New Zealand as a guest of the US Embassy, who arranged for him to visit AUT.

Dr Bolton, his mother, and two children visited the two radio telescopes on Friday afternoon.

They spent about two hours touring the site and talking to ISAR’s Professor Sergei Gulyaev and Senior Lecturers Tim Natusch and Dr Willem van Straten.

They then drove back to Auckland and Dr Bolton gave a public lecture at AUT, attracting more than a hundred people.

He spoke about the Jupiter mission, but also about bringing science together with music and the arts.

Professor Gulyaev says it was great to meet Dr Bolton.

“It was fantastic and very special to hear about the mission from the person in charge first hand. It was also an opportunity for us to mention our hope to collaborate with NASA in the future. The talk was very interesting and it was great for the public to be able to meet DR Bolton at AUT too.”

Dr Bolton spoke to the NZ Herald and RNZ while in New Zealand.

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