Follow your waste at AUT

22 Mar, 2019
Puwera landfill
Puwera landfill

In 2018, AUT produced 692 tonnes of waste, which ended up in a landfill, generating 82 tonnes of CO2. This equates to 31kg of waste per student or staff member. But where does it go and how did this happen?

To see what happens to our waste, AUT’s Sustainability Advisor Lucy McKenzie took us on a trip to Puwera landfill, a 2-hour drive North of Auckland and WeCompost, a 45-minute drive South of Auckland. Sustainability Advisor Lindsey du Preez took us to visit the cleaners while they sorted our recycling after hours to see where our waste ends up and what happens to it once it’s there.

What does AUT do about all the waste that we produce? Reduce, reuse and recycle!

Sahmay Ellis and Daiwat Joshi from the student led sustainability group, Future Proofers tell us about the three-bin system at AUT, and what can go into our organic, recycling and waste bins. Here’s their tips for how we can all help minimise waste:

  • Don’t buy unnecessary plastic items – bring your reusable bags with you, use paper or metal straws, use a keep cup, reusable containers and cutlery.
  • AUT cafes offer a 50c discount when you bring your own keep cup or container.
  • AUT recycling bins take plastics one and two only – make sure to check underneath the plastic item to ensure you put it in the correct bin.

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