Five questions: Prof. Ben Wooliscroft

28 Apr, 2021
Professor Ben Wooliscroft
Professor Ben Wooliscroft

Looking back at how he entered his field, Professor Ben Wooliscroft reflects on his first macromarketing conference in Croatia. With bullet holes still in the walls, the Macromarketing society met just after the civil war in 2000, to look at how can we use marketing systems for the betterment of people.

We asked Ben five questions ahead of his Inaugural Professorial Address – he discussed his research on macromarketing and how we can do things better for the benefit of all.

“We must be critical of how markets perform. Very infrequently do markets actually behave like theoretical markets, and we don’t spend nearly enough time talking about the problems of monopolies, of asymmetric power, asymmetric information, so we need to provide good evidence for policy development.”

Macromarketing: Time to think big

This is a free public lecture, and everyone is welcome. Refreshments will be served afterwards.

When: Tuesday 11 May, 4.30pm – 5.30pm

Where: WA Conference Centre, City Campus

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