Domestic violence online tool

11 Jun, 2013
iSafe was launched by AUT researchers this year

AUT researchers are looking for women to participate in the isafe study, a new online research study to assist women living with partner violence to make good safety planning decisions for themselves and their children.

The isafe study has been developed to improve women’s decision making, safety planning, wellbeing and health and to give them information about services in the community for support. This research will benefit not only those women who participate but also other women in the future who are experiencing violence in their relationship.     

Women who participate in the study will be reimbursed for their time. 

The lead researcher on the study, AUT Professor Jane Koziol-McLain says the online tool allows women to understand more about their own situation.  “For some women, the first step is to understand that there is a problem at home. It is only then that they can seek help.”

Individualised plan

The first step of the isafe study is to complete the online questions. The answers will help determine the participants’ level of safety risk which in turn will result in them receiving information about setting some safety priorities. This will be used to create an individualised safety plan tailored to their exact set of circumstances.

The plan includes services, advice and information from approximately 50 community agencies.

One in three women will experience violence by their partner in their lifetime and 1 in 18 women are experiencing partner violence in their relationships at any given time. 

If you or someone you know may be interested, please call toll free 0508 447 233 to talk to one of our researchers about the study or go to the website -

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