AUT’s million dollar deal

27 Sep, 2013
Professor Stephen Henry

American company, Emergent Technologies, Inc has signed a deal to commercialise a novel technology platform (Btechnology) invented by award winning AUT University scientist Professor Stephen Henry. The agreement between Emergent Technologies, a leading innovation solutions company and KODE Biotech, Ltd has the potential to generate five to 10 million dollars in annual licensing fees.

AUT’s Vice-Chancellor Derek McCormack says that the partnership is a significant validation of innovations being produced by AUT researchers.
“The partnership will provide developmental pathways through major international collaborators and commercial licensees. We predict that the KODETM technology will be used in almost all diagnostic laboratories within 10 years, for this to happen we required foreign investment allowing access to resources, infrastructure, innovation and entry into new markets.”

KODETM technology allows for the attachment of biological markers to the surface of cells, viruses and non-biological solids. The technology has already been successfully translated into a range of medical practice to inhibit viruses, toxins, microbes and antibodies. The most recent discovery that the technology is compatible with inkjet printing has opened up significant new opportunities, with the technology being applied to paper and resulting in the appearance of words in diagnostic reactions.

KODETM biosurface modification technology offers significant opportunities for industrial and life science innovation and product improvement. For more information, visit the KODE Biotech website here

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