AUT partners with Drug Free Sport NZ

30 Sep, 2021
Sian Clancy and Tony Oldham
Dr Sian Clancy and Dr Tony Oldham

Drug Free Sport New Zealand (DFSNZ) has announced a new research partnership with Auckland University of Technology (AUT) to design and evaluate a world-class education programme on anti-doping.

The two organisations will work with athletes on the design and evaluation of an anti-doping educational programme for high performance sport in New Zealand. Research will include the use of ex-athletes to facilitate and the impact of having them as facilitators on the success of the programme.

The partnership which, will investigate beliefs and behaviours around clean sport, has an overarching aim of protecting Kiwi athletes and enriching knowledge within the wider anti-doping context.

DFSNZ’s General Manager Athlete Services, Dr Sian Clancy says, the organisation is thrilled to be working with AUT experts on this crucial research. “By the end of this project, we’ll have the knowledge we need to enhance the education we provide based on the needs of our athletes.”

AUT has worked with DFSNZ for several years to understand doping and supplement use with young people. AUT Lead Investigator Dr Tony Oldham says, “We are extremely pleased to evolve the relationship and help design and evaluate a world-class education program in line with WADA [World Anti-Doping Agency] standards.”

This research enables DFSNZ, through Dr Clancy’s seat on the WADA education committee to lead the way in meeting and exceeding WADA international standards for education.

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