AUT part of SpaceX’s first delivery to International Space Station

24 Feb, 2017
SpaceX spacecraft Dragon. Image credit to NASA.

AUT’s Institute of Radio Astronomy and Space Research was thrilled to be a part of SpaceX’s first delivery to the International Space Station overnight.

Our Warkworth Radio Telescopes gave mission control at NASA in Florida vital tracking information about the spacecraft’s coordinates before it docked at the ISS.

It was the first time SpaceX’s spacecraft Dragon was able to deliver 2500kg’s of supplies to the astronauts at the spaces station. On board there was a variety of research equipment as well as 20 mice who are involved in research about wound healing in space.

The Dragon, which is the only supply shuttle capable of not breaking up as it returns to earth, will remain at the ISS for a month.

The Director of AUT’s Institute of Radio Astronomy and Space Research, Professor Sergei Gulyaev says the operation went to plan. “At AUT we are so proud to contribute to this fantastic development in space. We hope to be able to participate in many more Space X flights to come."

In 2012, AUT signed a 10-year deal with SpaceX to help them track its flights to the ISS.

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