AUT lecture: Renowned Israeli Journalist Amira Hass warns of daily ‘bureaucratic violence’ against Palestine

13 May, 2015
Renowned Israeli journalist Amira Haas spoke at a public lecture hosted by AUT University's Pacific Media Centre.

The common imagery of Israeli airstrikes, destruction of property and the loss of human life is how international audiences see the Israeli-Palestinian relationship.

But Israeli journalist and author Amira Hass says the issue also needs to be covered when violence is not happening.

Speaking from a public lecture hosted by Auckland University of Technology’s Pacific Media Centre, Haas shared openly about her experiences and "dilemmas as a 'non-objective' journalist" in reporting the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

She said Israeli-Palestinian media coverage needed to be constant so audiences can “understand that there is an ongoing violence on the part of the Israeli occupation that does not necessarily have to be quantities of blood”.

Palestinians faced bureaucratic violence as part of their daily lives.

She said the first role of journalists was to "monitor the centres of power".

"Our main target is to monitor power to see what it does to people - usually it is a lot of harm."

Click below to watch Pacific Media Centre’s video interview with Amira Haas:

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