AUT journalism educator among ‘Atenisi international fellows

15 Jun, 2009
David Robie
David Robie

The occasion marks the 75th birthday of the founder of the university, Professor ‘I Futa Helu, and three decades of history at the ‘Atenisi Institute.

The other fellows include Professor Ian Campbell, Head of History in the School of Social Sciences at the University of the South Pacific, Loata Mahe, Dr Eve Coxon, Dr Malakai Koloamatangi, Dr ‘Opeti Taliai, Dr Wendy Cowling, Niko Besnier and Patrick O’Driscoll.

Professor Helu wrote the foreword for one of Dr Robie's books, Nius Bilong Pasifik: Mass Media in the Pacific, published by the University of Papua New Guinea Press in 1995.

Dr Robie will also have discussions with ‘Atenisi staff about plans to found a Tongan communication studies and media programme at the institution. AUT’s School of Communication Studies is offering the first Graduate Diploma in Pacific Journalism programme in New Zealand next year

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