AUT Design for Health and Wellbeing Lab wins top prize at Best Awards 2015

16 Oct, 2015
AUT’s world-first in-hospital design lab took home top honours at the Country’s design awards on Friday night.

AUT’s world-first in-hospital design lab took home top honours at the Country’s design awards on Friday night.

The Design for Health and Wellbeing lab was created two years ago at Auckland Hospital.

Dr Stephen Reay, Senior Lecturer of Industrial Design and Innovation at AUT University and Justin Kennedy-Good, Programme Director Performance Improvement at Auckland DHB are the driving force behind the lab, which is providing a unique learning environment and already delivering design-led solutions to the DHB.

The lab brings together AUT students, graduates and staff; design industry collaborators, patients and DHB staff to work on shared projects for the benefit of those using Auckland DHB services.

At the moment students and staff are working on child-friendly medical equipment, navigation guides, uniforms, stopping wastage, transport solutions, re-designing the critical care waiting area, and better signage.

At Friday nights’ Best Awards the lab won a purple pin- the top award. The Acting head of Art and Design, Andrew Withell, says “This is very significant achievement and recognition.”

The win featured in the New Zealand Herald, and on TV3 news.

A number of AUT students also took home the awards.

AUT Award winners
Gold- From here to here: du sel sur la neige- Sophie Hermann.
Gold- A Georgial House at Judges Bay -Lauren Hare (who has taught part time in Spatial) and Elvon Young
Silver- Luminosity- Jewel Yan.
Bronze – Dis/possession – Michaella Franklin, Alex Dyer, Cara Webster, Celia Hall, Emy Crawford + Chelsea Finlayson

Communication Design - this year’s result placed us clearly as the leading design school in the Graphics area.
Gold- Bla k: A Graphic Design Exploration of (visual) space- Kirsty Randell
Gold- Reject the Box- Felicia Irene
Silver- Design and the Brain- Varnia Taua
Silver- Beautiful Error- Katoanga Finau
Silver- The Wordless Recipie- Yutonghui Zhao
Bronze – Slane – Hugo Christian Slane
Bronze – Brand by Hand – Sara Marshall
Bronze – Briant Typeface – Alex Turner
Bronze – Dear Moment – Alena Kim
Silver – Stemme – Luke Scott

Silver- The Archtop Acoustic Reimagined- Glenn Maxwell.
Bronze – Grasshopper – Nicole Marshall
Bronze – All Day Weather Pack – Taylor Burn

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