AUT Centre for Non-Adversarial Justice launched

22 Mar, 2017

On Friday 10 March, the AUT Centre for Non-Adversarial Justice was officially launched. Established in 2016, the Centre aims to identify and promote various models of justice under the broad banner of non-adversarial justice.

Professor Warren Brookbanks, Director - Centre for Non-Adversarial Justice said, " It is anticipated that the Centre will become the practical and academic focus for developments in legal problem-solving, and non-adversarial justice generally, providing leadership  to academia, the legal profession, the courts and policy makers."

As part of the official launch, Dr Ian Freckelton QC delivered a powerful address on the Pitfalls of Adversarialism. His talk explored two Australian cases, the first involving litigation over Australian painter William Dobell's 1943 portrait of Joshua Smith, ‘Portrait of an artist’ and the second, a moving account of recent litigation concerning the medical treatment of Oshin Kiszko.

Dr Freckelton concluded his lecture with these words.

"We have to find, and harness, techniques to facilitate sensible resolution of disputation with a legal component. The law has to be quicker, it has to be cheaper, more accessible, less intimidating, fairer, and less counter-therapeutic. There is much to do, much to think about.”

“There is a need for rigorous analysis of the sorts of issues, so that the law can regain the respect of the community, and so that it can meet the needs of the community. It is in this context that AUT has taken the important initiative of establishing the Centre for Non-Adversarial Justice. This is such an important initiative for New Zealand and internationally.”

Professor Brookbanks added, “In the coming months we plan to host a number public lectures for overseas visitors with special expertise in different areas of non-adversarial justice and to organise a conference on unfitness to stand trial, scheduled for early October.

To stay updated with the Centre’s activities and events, visit the website.

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