AUT 2023 domestic and international fees

03 Nov, 2022
AUT students in a WG lecture theatre. Some students are writing down notes, some are typing on their laptops and some are looking at the projection.

The Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Council has approved an increase in tuition fees for domestic students by 2.75% in 2023.

The fee increase is in line with the Annual Maximum Fee Movement (AMFM) set by the Minister of Education for the 2023 academic year.

The New Zealand government provides one year of fees-free study for students starting university for the first time. To get fees-free support, students need to meet eligibility criteria.

Under the changes, most full-time undergraduate students will pay an additional $176 to $190 for the year and bring the cost of tuition to between $6,594 and $7,091 GST inclusive. See the 2023 fee schedule.

For international students enrolling in a programme for the first time, tuition fees will increase as per the attached schedule. International students continuing in their programme of study, and who first enrolled in their programme prior to 2023, will be inflation protected to the limit set by the Minister of Education for domestic fees. The Student Services Levy will be discounted by 30% for students completing study offshore.

AUT's Compulsory Student Services Fee will increase by 15% to $1,074.18 in 2023. This increase will support AUT to continue delivering essential student services outside the classroom, such as welfare and pastoral care, counselling and mental health services, medical care, sport, recreational and cultural services, childcare services, career advice and guidance and financial assistance. AUTSA also provide advocacy and legal advice, clubs and societies, employment information, and student media. A full overview of services is available on the AUT website.

These increases strike a balance between maintaining affordability and services for students and their whānau whilst helping to cover some costs associated with the rise in inflation.

The current Fees Free policy means that the first year of study is paid by the government for qualifying domestic students.

A range of scholarships are available and current students facing financial hardship can contact AUT's Student Hub, where they can access financial hardship support and services such as budgeting, assistance with finding accommodation, help with study loans, and receiving the student allowance.

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