Accommodation rebate increased

10 Jun, 2020
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AUT students will receive a further rent rebate of $113 per week for the number of weeks they didn’t occupy their accommodation during lockdown the University announced today. The rebate is in addition to the utilities credit already offered by AUT of $60 per week.

The additional $113 per week rebate was negotiated on behalf of students in recent weeks with Charta, who represent the owners of AUT’s largest accommodation facility.

AUT is very grateful to Charta for agreeing to this extra rebate. We will be passing it all directly to our students. It will be applied to their accounts in the next two weeks.

AUT makes no money from its student accommodation and we aim to keep costs as low as possible for students. The student accommodation buildings are not owned by AUT, which is why we are grateful to Charta for their compassionate decision.

Students come to us to achieve their educational goals and supporting them to give them the best chance possible to achieve this is at the heart of our decision-making. We have been committed to providing financial support for all AUT students in ways that are fair and equitable during this distressing time.  As part of this support the university has:

  • increased the financial assistance fund by $350,000, bringing the total to $750,000. This is available to the students in our residences, as well as all AUT students including those living in private accommodation who are facing financial pressure with rent or food. This is not a loan, nor is it means tested on parental income
  • Secured up to 1500 laptops and purchasing up to 4000 connectivity packages for students with technological barriers to their learning
  • Moved our extensive student support services online – including medical, counselling, financial assistance, peer advisors, and academic support
  • Moved 900 courses from campus-based to online to make sure students could continue to learn and complete their qualifications

We were pleased to support over 200 students who remained in AUT accommodation during the lockdown with the delivery of three prepared meals per day free of charge, as well as ensuring round-the-clock staff onsite, and regular daily check-ins on resident wellbeing.

AUT has 2% of its 29,000 students living in our student residences.  Most of our students live in private accommodation including flats and would have had to continue to pay rent for their rooms during the lockdown even if they were not living there. These students could not access government assistance and nor could AUT.

We encourage any student, in our residences or in private accommodation, who is experiencing financial hardship to contact us for assistance.  The team at the Student Hub are able to help.

AUT welcomes the Select Committee inquiry into student accommodation.

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