5 questions: Prof. Sebastian Leuzinger

30 Oct, 2020
Professor Sebastian Leuzinger

There’s still a lot we don’t know about how plants exchange water and carbon, and Professor Sebastian Leuzinger hopes we can get brainpower from new researchers to study the area.

We asked Professor Leuzinger five questions ahead of his Inaugural Professorial Address – he discussed his research on plants and their environments, his most impactful research project and what motivates him.

“Studying these phenomena in trees is very difficult because the moment you open up a tree, you disturb the system. So, in fact, we know very little about plant ecophysiology. And I think, we can hopefully get some brainpower and young people to study this more.”

The role of plants in a changing environment

This is a free public lecture, and everyone is welcome. Refreshments will be served afterwards.

When: Tuesday 10 November, 4.30pm – 5.30pm

Where: WA Conference Centre, City Campus (the event will also be live-streamed)

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Five questions with Professor of Ecology Sebastian Leuzinger from AUT Communications on Vimeo.

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