Learning about social enterprises

25 Sep, 2018
photo of tree-in-hand

Social enterprises are the new global phenomenon – but what are they? To help answer this question and shed some light on the important concepts surrounding this topic, the MBA alumni committee organised a talk by Jackson Rowland from the Ākina Foundation on 25 September 2018.

The Ākina Foundation helps grow the local social enterprise sector in partnership with the New Zealand Government, and Jackson provided some valuable insights for the alumni who attended the talk – including about the business model and how his organisation can help support social enterprises.

If you are interested in finding out more about how the Ākina Foundation can assist you, or have any other queries, get in touch with them here.

The talk also sparked an engaging Q&A session. One of the discussions revolved around the philosophy of social enterprises – are they truly for the greater good or are they just another new model for sustainable business?

The evening ended with a networking session where participants further discussed questions, exchanged ideas and reconnected with their fellow alumni.

It was a fruitful evening; participants extended their appreciation to the organisers for the insightful talk and expressed their anticipation for future events.

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