Undergraduate wins best political essay

09 Jan, 2020
A head and shoulders photo of Chloe Jackman.
Winning essay writer Chloe Jackman.

An AUT student has been awarded the Best Undergraduate Essay in New Zealand Politics by the New Zealand Political Studies Association.

Chloe Jackman's winning 2019 essay recommends Auckland Council adopt participatory budgeting.

Participatory budgeting is a democratic process that allows community members, rather than elected representatives, to submit ideas and vote on spending a portion of public funds.

"The Auckland Council should aim to foster an equitable community, and participatory budgeting is a tool that is able to support the interest of the public good," Chloe Jackman writes in her essay.

"Participatory budgeting will influence greater participation in democratic processes, providing both civics education and experience to ordinary citizens who wish to better their quality of life."

The Psychology and Social Sciences student wrote the essay as part of her coursework for the Democratic Participation and Social Action paper.

Senior Lecturer Kate Nicholls nominated Chloe Jackman's essay, and says she is pleased that it won.

"The awarding committee found her essay to be both beautifully written and successfully and skillfully able to link political theory to local issues."

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