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07 Mar, 2018
PhD student Ashley Gluchowski explores strength training for older adults

For her PhD research, doctoral student Ashley Gluchowski is investigating strength training for older adults, based at AUT Millennium.

After completing her Master of Science at Canada’s McMaster University, one of the reasons Ashley was drawn to AUT for her doctoral studies was the knowledge she could tap into the expertise and world-class sports training and performance equipment at AUT Millennium.

It’s a decision that has paid off. Being based at AUT Millennium has given her access to incredible facilities which have underpinned her research on the effects of eccentric strength training in older adults.

"The facilities at AUT Millennium are first class. The strength and conditioning laboratory has everything I need to carry out quality research, whether it be clinical or practical in nature. Our participants love the dedicated space, which has contributed to their commitment to the programme over the course of my research."

Ashley’s research has already yielded impressive results, showing that older adults not only tolerate, but thrive on heavy load resistance training.

“Older adults are still able to increase their strength, bone density, muscle mass, functional capacity and decrease their fasting plasma glucose, insulin, bad cholesterol and inflammation as they age."

For Ashley the greatest sense of achievement has come from being able to use her research findings to make a difference.

“As a result of my research, I founded the Active Ageing Clinic at AUT Millennium, a twice-weekly strength and conditioning session that puts our research findings into immediate action.”

Aside from offering access to world-class facilities, Ashley says being based at AUT Millennium meant she was surrounded by like-minded researchers and motivated by the staff and students who were collecting their own unique research data on a daily basis.

"AUT really supports you to research what you’re interested in. The interconnected community of researchers at AUT Millennium translates into networks that make almost everyone accessible.”

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