TDC64 Auckland: World’s best typography

09 Apr, 2019
TDC64 Auckland

The world’s best typography is on display here at AUT.

AUT St Paul St Gallery will host the TDC64 Auckland exhibition at Gallery 3 from 2-17 April.

Direct from its New York showing, TDC64 Auckland is the latest exhibition from the world-renowned Type Directors Club competition. The exhibition will present a diverse and exciting range of award-winning typographic work from more than 35 countries.

It represents the fruits of the 1,835 entries from the design communities most recognised mentors, innovators and thought-leaders.

Dr. Peter Gilderdale, Senior Lecturer in Communication Design, sees the exhibition as an important opportunity in allowing New Zealand designers to view work in its original form, rather than solely on the web.

“We are excited to offer this opportunity to our students, and we hope that the exhibition will act as a venue for the profession and our students to jointly share a passion for typography.”

TDC64 will be displayed in seven exhibitions across 50 countries. Click here to learn more about the Type Directors Club.

TDC64 Auckland
St Paul St Gallery Three
2-17 April 2019
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