Scam Warning: Worldwide Association of Notable Alumni (WANA)

31 Oct, 2017
Be careful online

We have been made aware an organisation calling itself Worldwide Association of Notable Alumni (WANA) that has been contacting alumni from AUT and other New Zealand institutions offering a professional alumni network service for a fee. This is a known scam.

Please be cautious and vigilant of any online advertising via Facebook, Facebook messages and/or unsolicited emails using our branding and logo you may receive from this organisation.

WANA activity is not aligned with AUT's alumni programme. The AUT alumni community is open to all graduates of AUT, providing events, communications and networking opportunities with no membership fee.

WANA operates in the following ways:

  • Sends unsolicited Facebook messages and/or emails
  • Asks you to complete an online form and provide your personal details online
  • Calls from overseas (USA/North America) to conduct a “Qualification interview"
  • Solicits payments over the phone via credit card to join their University Alumni Association

If you have any concerns, contact AUT at

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