Mosque attacks and the law

22 Mar, 2019
Khylee Quince and Warren Brookbanks#1
Khylee Quince and Warren Brookbanks

AUT Law School academics have been commenting in the media about some of the legal issues arising from the attacks on mosques in Christchurch.

Professor Warren Brookbanks spoke to the New Zealand Law Society News about the laying of a single charge against the man accused of killing 50 people worshiping at the Christchurch mosques.

He says it is usually a holding charge to get the accused in custody, while Police strategise about additional charges.

“As to what they do, I can’t really say, as it is such an unprecedented event.”

Law School colleague, Associate Professor Khylee Quince, has commented in a NZ Herald analysis piece on the powers a judge has to curb hate speech during the trial of the man accused of the Christchurch terror attacks.

She also discusses the issue of jury selection and trial location.

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