Money matters: it all adds up

01 Nov, 2021
Ayesha Scott
Dr Ayesha Scott

Finance Senior Lecturer Dr Ayesha Scott recently spoke to a virtual audience of 200, speaking on money matters for the Business School’s 2021 Career Advantage Series.

The session focused on how to shape goals and behaviours to have a better financial platform to build your future on, with Ayesha answering questions on financial security, balancing investment and saving, and financial advantages unique to New Zealand.

Her top tips from the session were:

  • Set aside regular savings for an emergency or unforeseen circumstances
  • Start smart saving by increasing contributions to your KiwiSaver scheme, looking out for schemes with lower fees, and compounding your savings by earning interest on interest

Her message was clear: every small saving counts.

Research has clearly highlighted how Millennials and Gen Z are most likely to face the greatest money challenges. For these generations in particular, house prices have increased much faster than their incomes and, for those who are still renting, ascending the homeownership ladder feels impossible.

Privilege matters, too. Some young New Zealanders are supported by family or inherited wealth and will be looking to the “Mum and Dad” funding pool for a head start in financial security.

Culture is also important: for some, wealth is a shared commodity and there is an emphasis on elevating the group rather than individuals’ financial capability.

While the outlook may seem bleak for some, Ayesha offered her audience forward-thinking financial tools, as well as a guide to creating a financially agile mindset. The key to success? Money goals, whether set by individuals or couples, must be realistic and achievable.

“While it’s beneficial to be strict, money is also needed to have fun. Make small and impactful changes that can leverage a better return on your money and start by removing any unnecessary debt,” Ayesha said.

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