Memory inspired knits exhibited in NYC

25 Sep, 2018
Semi-finalist Kiola Ballard with her work, Kau Muli

Third-year Textile Design student Kiola Ballard reached semi-finalist status for the Dorothy Waxman textile Design Prize.

The prestigious awards selected just 20 finalists from around the world. Their work, including Kiola’s was exhibited in New York for New York textile month in September.

Kiola’s entry, Kau Muli, explores the concept of connection and disconnection. The connection refers to her perspective of her Tongan culture, which has evolved into a Western style.

“The main idea around it is looking at memories that I have related to my culture and transferring them into knitwear,” said Kiola.

She said that the achievement came as a surprise to her, and that working off old memories was tricky. “Being in the exhibition in New York is a pretty cool thing,” said Kiola.

The competition was open to students from any country enrolled in a textile, fashion or knitting course. The finalists were selected by a jury of industry experts based on their creativity, innovation and aesthetics.

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