Marketing researcher makes media impact

12 Mar, 2020
Empty supermarket trolleys

Dr Jessica Vredenburg (Marketing) has been making an impact in the national media, sharing her research expertise about disruptive online advertising campaigns and the psychology that drives consumer panic buying.

Dr Vredenburg was interviewed on News Hub exploring the risks and opportunities involved with Burger King’s new promotion of its preservative-free hamburgers – shown in stomach-churning detail as the Whopper decomposes on the screen.

She was also interviewed by John Campbell on TVNZ Breakfast to explain the thinking behind the seemingly irrational acts of panic buying at the supermarkets. New Zealand groceries and staple items flew off the shelves following the confirmation of the country’s first case of COVID-19. followed up with a story in which Dr Vredenburg discussed the power of “herd behaviour”. In the case of COVID-19, she said, this is being driven by two things: scarcity and the constant images of empty shelves.

Watch the News Hub story about decomposing burgers

Watch the Breakfast TV interview about panic buying in our supermarkets

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