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27 Sep, 2021
Azure Manunui
Azure Manunui, AUT talenthub relationship manager

The desire to bring the fresh ideas of interns and graduates into an organisation can be dulled by the time-consuming experience of recruitment.

However, that experience is turning into a very positive one for employers using AUT talenthub, a tailored on-campus recruitment service that offers a free and straightforward way for employers to access AUT students and graduates.

One happy customer is Brothers Beer marketing manager Isabella Lynch, who employed a marketing assistant intern through AUT talenthub. She was impressed with what AUT talenthub offers.

“It is the only hub of its kind. It was a pleasure to work with a team who was keen to help get their students to employment. We were in touch with other universities but they didn’t reach out to us for any more details.”

Sarah says she enjoyed having the screening process taken care of and found the applicants well briefed.
“It took the application process hassle - all the emails and screening - out of it for me which made the process very smooth and stress-free.”

She adds that they were looking for someone both business and creative-minded and the AUT programmes delivered students that fitted that mould.

Compostic marketing manager Sarah Bonnefoy also found using AUT talenthub made her life much easier when recruiting for an intern consumer care specialist.

“AUT talenthub were of great help. They suggested very relevant candidates and organised all the admin. They also managed all the communication with the candidates until the final decision, making our life very easy!”

Sarah was looking for someone dynamic and motivated and says all the candidates were very well prepared, even though she could tell it was the first real job interview for some.

“We have always considered internships as a first step in the door and if they prove themselves in an internship they could be considered as a long term member.”

Babcock International Group hire around 20 project management interns and graduates each year using AUT talenthub to find AUT candidates. an AUT talenthub’s level of service make it easier to recruit, says Babcock Australasia Early Careers Lead Samuel Evans.

“Service is a big one, plus a friendly team that want to make sure we get the best and give the best. We also get to work with our strategic partner to ensure we support them and their students.”

He adds that the organisation like to employ interns and graduates with AUT’s project management qualification.
“AUT teaches them different methodologies, processes, systems, etc. that allow their students to work in any environment with less training.”

A seamless process is how Deaf Aotearoa business general manager Peter Elderkin described using AUT talenthub for the first time to recruit a marketing /communications intern.

“AUT has access to smart, enthusiastic students and we have had strong candidates applying. AUT talentub seemed well organised and we feel this tie-up could be a real win/win for Deaf Aotearoa.”

Peter says the candidate they took on had prepared well for her job interview, carefully researching Deaf Aotearoa and demonstrating how her skills were a match for what they were looking for.

He adds AUT talenthub relationship manager Azure Manunui was very organised and helpful.

“She was always available and ensured Deaf Aotearoa got the right person. This placement has been a great success. She brings new perspectives, ideas and passion and has given the organisation the extra capacity to focus on developing further partnerships."

AUT talenthub relationship manager Azure Manunui says her role is to find paid employment opportunities for AUT students and recent graduates by partnering with leading industries.
“I find it rewarding not only being able to match students with great job opportunities in the current market but also being able to help industries fill a gap within their organisation with exceptional talent,” says Azure.

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