Good Health Design & We Read Auckland

28 May, 2021
Creating Community

The Good Health Design Lab’s Museum of Meaningful Moments will be on display at Auckland Central Library as part of the We Read Auckland regional event, which celebrates Auckland’s readers and writers and the stories. The event runs from the 31 May to the 13 June.

Through a number of workshops and passive interactive experiences run by Good Health Design, the Speak Auckland element of We Read Auckland hopes to celebrate the spoken word, poetry and recorded stories of place.

Head down to the Central Library on Lorne Street to check out:

The Tell-A-Phone Booth

Tell-A-phone is an interactive installation that asks viewers to respond to a question by speaking into a dial telephone. Tell-a-phone provides a safe and private space for people to share reflections, ideas and feelings in response to a particular topic or question.  In this case, the question asked will be, what makes Auckland so special to you?  The recordings and information left on the Tell-A-Phone will remain anonymous and no information or personal data has been asked of or will be shared in any way to the public.  *Watch this space for when we will be presenting the recorded stories.*

Dates: 27 May to the 13 June. Café window space.

Retro TV and Postbox

The TV is an added visual element and promotion of MMM’s work so far, an old school TV will be displaying past images and projects from the contributors to the MMM. The postbox will be available with some postcards for customers to passively respond to the question, when or where do you feel you belong most?

Dates: 27 May to the 13 June. Café window space.

Various Workshops in the Makerspace

A series of interactive hands on workshops run by Good Health Design will be taking place in the Makerspace and will be concentrating on - share what surprises you the most about Auckland.


  • Monday 31 May – Friday 4 June, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
  • Monday 7 June – Thursday 10 June, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

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