Designing Kai with Kids

04 Dec, 2019
kai with kids
Art and Design students Olivia Penfold and Brayden Luamanu designed Kai with Kids, a fundraiser recipe book for PILLARS.

South Campus Communication Design students Olivia Penfold and Brayden Luamanu are the designers behind a fundraiser recipe book for PILLARS.

The PILLARS charity works to support children with parents in prison. The recipe book, Kai with Kids, was created by and for the mentors and children within PILLARS.

PILLARS approached the AUT South Campus Communication Design team because they were keen to have the South Auckland community at the heart of the project, including its development and creation.

Communication Design student Olivia Penfold says, “When we were asked to take part in this project despite being super busy with other assignments I had to say yes because I knew it was going towards an awesome cause.”

“My experience was so amazing, being able to work with people within the industry and to create a project that really would help people within my community. I learnt how to work with people of all ages and skills as well as enrich my design skills.”

PILLARS Senior Mentoring Coordinator Corrina Thompson says the recipe book is representative of the diverse communities at PILLARS, “Food is special. It brings people together and crosses barriers. It is the heart of the home.”

“It was awesome to work with Olivia and Brayden. They were extremely professional and collaborative during our editorial meetings. It felt like I was working with a professional company, they were so efficient, capable and competent.”

The collaboration project highlights the unique social design focus of the Communication Design programme at South Campus.  AUT Senior Lecturer Marcos Mortensen Steagall says, “Our aim is to impact change in our community and this project is a perfect example of how design can be helpful to people’s lives.”

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