AUT's new reusable cup initiative

18 Oct, 2019
Coffee cup
Photo by Zachary Cohen on Unsplash

From early next year, all the AUT cafes will be selling AUT branded reusable cups for just $3. If you haven’t had a chance to wash your reusable cup, the AUT cafes will even offer a free exchange service and provide your coffee in a clean reusable cup.

Additionally, from the same date, single use takeaway compostable cups will cost 30 cents.

Sustainability Advisor Lucy McKenzie credits Hospitality Services for introducing this approach. “This fantastic initiative supports the circular economy and reduces the use of single use coffee cups – even if they are compostable. It also moves us closer to our target to reduce waste to landfill by 50% by 2025.”

The exchange service is only available for AUT branded $3 reusable cups, and works similarly to the increasingly popular ‘borrow a mug, return it later’ concept offered at some cafes.

“The idea is that for only $3 people can continuously use an AUT branded reusable cup, provided they bring their existing one back to be exchanged if it's dirty or to reuse their existing one if it's clean,” says Lucy.

If you purchase or use one of these AUT reusable cups (or any other reusable cup), you will receive the 10% discount currently offered at AUT cafes.

More details to come once the cups are ready for sale.