AUT gains GenderTick Accreditation

03 Feb, 2023
Gendertick accreditation icon

AUT’s commitment to gender equality has been formally recognised by gaining Advanced GenderTick accreditation from the nationally recognised GenderTick organisation.

In doing so, AUT has become one of only two New Zealand tertiary institutions to have gained this accreditation and one of only 29 organisations across Aotearoa to have achieved the GenderTick.

Kate Birch, Director – Talent and Culture, says “GenderTick’s independent review and endorsement of the gender equity initiatives we’ve implemented at AUT shows us we’re heading in the right direction.

“Achieving workplace equity is a continuous process that involves many different types of ongoing learnings. This latest development demonstrates our commitment to doing better.”

Our latest Pay Gaps Report is one example amongst numerous pieces of AUT work that GenderTick considered during the review process. While it was the second time AUT has released the Pay Gaps Report, it is the first time AUT has reported on the ethnicity pay gap, the first university in Aotearoa New Zealand to do so.

Gaining GenderTick Accreditation involved fulfilling six key criteria alongside an ongoing commitment to gender equality.  The key criteria include equal pay, leadership representation, flexible work and leave, gender safe workplace, gender inclusive culture and supporting the menopausal transition.

“Our existing bodies of work all contributed to AUT gaining Advanced GenderTick accreditation,” says Kate. “We’re very pleased to be part of a bigger movement that wants to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces in New Zealand.

“I’d like to acknowledge and thank all those at AUT who are working really hard behind the scenes to help the University keep moving forward when it comes to workplace equity. It’s something we all play a part in,” says Kate.

To remain a GenderTick organisation, our GenderTick initiatives will be independently reviewed every 18 months.

As well as our connection with GenderTick, AUT is also aligned with other nationally recognised organisations including Mind the Gap and is a member of the Gender at Work Community.

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