AUT chefs feeding our students

28 Apr, 2020
Matt and chefs

Like a lot of NZ, you might be getting pretty tired of the constant home-cooking under Alert Level 4, so spare a thought for AUT Group Chef Matt Farley and the team of AUT chefs.

Over the past five weeks, the team have been looking after the 220 students in our on-campus student accommodation.  Matt explains, ‘normally our accommodation is self-catering but during Level 4 we’ve been providing three meals a day, seven days a week, free of charge to the student residents’.

In keeping with the Alert level 4 requirements, Matt split his chefs into 2 teams starting at 6am, 7 days a week making 3 meals a day. These are the chefs which usually cook for events and at the on-campus cafes.

The meals have been delivered by the Events team at 10.30am every day and a typical day’s dinner could be anything from butter chicken with dhal and cauliflower curry, or beef brisket and potatoes through to the full Sunday roast dinner.

‘It’s been great to have been able to help these students and make a difference to them during this time,’ said Matt, ‘it’s been pretty full-on but I wanted to give a real shout out to the team –  talk about living the AUT values - they got stuck in every day, worked well together, hit the deadlines and always with a positive vibe.’

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