ANZ Technology internship leads to career

13 Mar, 2018
ANZ Technology internship leads to career

Attending a lunchtime presentation by ANZ Technology during her time as an AUT student delivered pure gold for software development alumna Bailee Devey.

Bailee is now employed as a tester on the ANZ GoMoney App – a role she was offered after a 16-week ANZ Technology internship.

“It is a really good job and I’m loving it. I’ve learned lots of new technical skills and have increased my communication skills,” she says.

Bailee heard about the ANZ internship through an ICT lunchtime presentation at AUT by ANZ Technology.

“I attended all the on-campus presentations – and the ICT & Engineering Career Fair – to get an idea of what organisations were offering and find out about the organisations interested in AUT graduates.”

During the ANZ Technology presentation, Bailee learned about the application process and the kind of skills ANZ were looking for; information that is pure gold for applicants.

She says there were no guarantees of full-time work after the internship, so she was very excited when the GoMoney app project manager asked her if she wanted to stay on.

“He said I was contributing well to the team, which showed me that if you make the effort then good things come of it. If you are half hearted, they won’t. Two of the five of us were offered full-time jobs.”

ANZ Business Technology PartnerJo Batchelor says Bailee is a great communicator and relates well with others.

“We look for applicants who are self-starters, prepared to give things a go, collaborative and willing to learn. Bailee’s open approach to learning and trying things when asked was a real asset. She ticked all the boxes and we are happy to have her working for us full-time.”

Jo says the internship is designed to give final-year tertiary students an opportunity to be part of a large corporate technology environment and gain experience working in different areas of technology. She adds that attending career events is a great way for employers to meet students and offer them insights into what they could do as a career.

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