A new direction for art on campus

12 Jun, 2019
Fishbone Tree of Life
Fishbone Tree of Life by Virginia King, displayed in AUT WG building

​Art is on display at each of the University's three campuses. From paintings and prints to sculptures, there are over 400 pieces. This work comes from two collections: AUT's own collection (25 pieces) comprised of art created by staff and students, and art loaned to AUT by the Wallace Arts Trust (379 pieces).

But who looks after this art, and who decides what art is bought and displayed across our campuses? A newly established Art on Campus Advisory Group, comprised of a group of experts, will shape and direct the University's art collection.

Led by Dr Therese Walkinshaw, Head of Faculty Culture and Effectiveness, the purpose of the Advisory Group is to operate as expert advisors for the art collection and art activities at AUT. The committee sits under the Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies, with a reporting line to the Dean and the Vice-Chancellor.

The Art Advisory Group will provide expert advice in a number of areas, including:

  • The strategic direction for art on campus
  • The establishment of a collections policy
  • Investment of new art on campus
  • Maintenance of existing work
  • Commissioning of artwork
  • Consideration of indigenous perspectives
  • Partnerships and industry engagement.

One of the first things the Group will do is produce a new online catalogue of AUT's art.

Art Advisory Group Members

  • Dr Therese Walkinshaw, Head of Faculty Culture and Effectiveness
  • Dr Andrew Withell, Head of School, School of Art and Design
  • Warren Pringle, AUT's Art Curator
  • Charlotte Huddleston, Director, St Paul St Gallery
  • Dr Andrew Codling, Head of the Vice-Chancellor's Office
  • Professor Desna Jury, Pro-Vice Chancellor Student Success
  • Natalie Robertson, Senior Lecturer, School of Art and Design

Warren Pringle, AUT's Art Curator explained that the establishment of the Advisory Group means the University can now begin to build its own collection. Currently the majority of art on campus is loaned from the Wallace Arts Trust.

"Having an advisory group and a yearly annual budget means AUT can now begin to purchase art-work to display on campus. Many other universities have art collections and over time this builds into a significant collection of art, often comprised of work by students."

"As AUT has a School of Art and Design, it is fitting that we begin a collection, comprised with work from our students, graduates and alumni and display this at our campuses so that students, staff and visitors can enjoy for years to come," Warren said.

For further information, or for any advice or assistance with the commission and/or acquisition of art work for your School, please contact Warren Pringle, AUT's Art Curator by emailing: warren.pringle@aut.ac.nz

Pictured: Just 3 of the many pieces of art on display at AUT.

Wilder Mind by Rozana Lee

Wilder Mind by Rozana Lee
Date: 2015
Medium: fabric, paper, ink and acrylic on canvas
Location: City Campus
Collection: The Wallace Arts Trust

Aaahhhhh by Reuben Paterson

Aaahhhhh by Reuben Paterson

Date: 2003
Medium: glitter on Canvas
Location: WE Building
Collection: The Wallace Arts Trust

​Figure Near Doorway by Jeffrey Harris

Figure near doorway by Jeffrey Harris

Date: 1989
Medium: oil on canvas
Location: North Campus
Collection: The Wallace Arts Trust
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