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A roadmap for action on climate finance

Social sciences and public policy
10 Nov, 2020
AUT academics have helped put together a comprehensive new report on how we can reform our financial system to help fight the climate crisis.

Tautoko lends students a helping hand

06 Nov, 2020
AUTSA’s Foodie Godmother service has rebranded as Tautoko - a Māori concept to support, uplift and encourage.
David Towns and Kath McPherson

David Towns awarded professor emeritus

04 Nov, 2020
One of NZ’s most influential conservation scientists, Professor David Towns, has been awarded the title of professor emeritus.
Professor Tarling

A new $10,000 PhD scholarship

Language and culture
03 Nov, 2020
A new scholarship worth $10,000 will support a student starting or undertaking their PhD at AUT in a topic focused on Southeast Asia.
Tracy Berno holding the book Hiakai and smiling.

A special book on modern Māori cuisine

Hospitality, tourism and events
02 Nov, 2020
When Associate Professor Tracy Berno was asked by Chef Monique Fiso to help write Hiakai she was “absolutely blown away” and jumped at the opportunity.
Professor Sebastian Leuzinger

5 questions: Prof. Sebastian Leuzinger

30 Oct, 2020
We asked Professor Sebastian Leuzinger five questions about his research ahead of his Inaugural Professorial Address.
Fees increase

2021 Tuition fees to increase by 1.1%

29 Oct, 2020
The AUT Council has approved the proposal to increase tuition fees for domestic students by 1.1% in 2021.
Associate Professor El-Shadan Tautolo

Language fluency and mental disorders

Health sciences
28 Oct, 2020
A study of Pacific mothers in New Zealand reveals that being fluent in both English and Pacific languages may decrease the likelihood of postpartum mental
Agathis australis

Indigenous names valuable to science

27 Oct, 2020
Professor Len Gillman says indigenous names for plants and animals should be restored within the scientific naming system.
Jonah Lomu and Kieran Read in action

Business scholarships for rugby stars

27 Oct, 2020
A new partnership between AUT and Counties Manukau Rugby will support outstanding young rugby players in their academic careers.


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