Campervan in forest

Freedom camping needs new regulations

Hospitality, tourism and events
24 Feb, 2021
Massive growth in freedom camping has inevitably led to resentment in local communities, writes Professor Michael Lüeck and Sabrina Seeler.
Daniel Shepherd

More help needed for parents

Health sciences
23 Feb, 2021
A new study examines the mental health of parents of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

New low cost COVID-19 antibody test

Engineering, computer and mathematical sciences
23 Feb, 2021
A new Kode Technology COVID-19 antibody test costs a fraction of current diagnostics using existing laboratory technology.
Rob Campbell

AUT Council elects new Chancellor

22 Feb, 2021
Auckland University of Technology has a new Chancellor, Rob Campbell CNZM, who has been elected by the University’s Council.
Professor Peter Kim

Hospitality professor heads top journal

Hospitality, tourism and events
19 Feb, 2021
One of the world’s top journals in the field of hospitality and tourism has a new executive editor – AUT's Professor Peter Kim.
Dr Betty Ofe-Grant

Sacred concept of the vā underpins study

18 Feb, 2021
New research puts the sacred concept of the vā at the heart of its study, examining low literacy and numeracy skills among Pacific peoples.
AUT logo

Message from the Vice-Chancellor

17 Feb, 2021
Read the Vice-Chancellor's update about AUT at Alert Level 2 sent on Wednesday 17 February.
Kauri stump

The mysterious existence of Kauri stump

16 Feb, 2021
Such undead tree stumps have been observed for almost 200 years, but the evolutionary and physiological processes leading to their existence remain a myste
Covid loans

Would 'COVID loans' be more affordable?

16 Feb, 2021
Faced with a COVID-19 pandemic of unknown severity and duration, governments are looking for effective and sustainable ways to maintain their economies.

Analysis of Kiwis’ physical activity

Sport and recreation
10 Feb, 2021
A series of global report cards on physical activity shows New Zealanders increased their level of physical activity by six percent between 2015 and 2019.


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