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Annah Stretton and Fiona Bongartz

The business of prison and fashion

23 Jul, 2019
Business and fashion student Fiona Bongartz worked with fashion icon Annah Stretton as part of the AUT Business School’s Shadow a Leader programme.
Professor Stephen Neville

Five questions: Prof. Stephen Neville

Health sciences
22 Jul, 2019
We asked Professor Stephen Neville five questions about his research ahead of his Inaugural Professorial Address.
Dr Brenda Flood

Student collab enhances patient care

Health sciences
19 Jul, 2019
AUT Integrated Health (AIH) provides primary healthcare, specialised services and programmes for the community.
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Export NZ 2019 Awards trophy designed by AUT School of Art and Design Industrial Design students Kynan Robinson and Shah Mohebbi.

AUT students design Export NZ trophies

23 Jul, 2019
Third year Industrial Design students Kynan Robinson and Shah Mohebbi are the designers behind this year’s Export NZ Awards trophies.
Louise Saunders at NDF 2018

AUT student receives NDF scholarship

18 Jul, 2019
After attending NDF 2018 as a scholarship recipient, AUT Post Graduate student Louise Saunders won the role of NDF Auckland Regional Ambassador.
AUT Millennium front

Student success: From the NHL to AUT

12 Jul, 2019
The reputation of AUT’s Sports Performance Research Institute led Paul Goodman to travel to NZ to undertake his PhD in post-concussion brain function.
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Climate emergency? Try revolution

18 Jul, 2019
New Zealand's climate emergencies don't look, sound or quack much like an emergency, writes Dr David Hall of The Policy Observatory at AUT.
ratepayer voting sheets

Abolish the ratepayer roll

02 Jul, 2019
The principle of one person, one vote doesn’t apply for local elections, writes Dr Julienne Molineaux, director of The Policy Observatory.
Paul Moon

Free speech, pointless for its own sake

28 Jun, 2019
The right to free speech was initially about pursuing the truth, Professor Paul Moon writes.
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