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Ecologist Dr Nicola Day

Climate change report on Nature cover

23 Aug, 2019
AUT applied ecologist Dr Nicola Day has published paper on climate change in Nature which features on the cover.  
Picture of Maurin Donneaud

2019 Te Ataata residency recipient

Colab: creative technologies
23 Aug, 2019
French e-textile artist Maurin Donneaud has been announced as the 2019 laureate of the Te Ataata residency.
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Law Career Fair group photo

Law degrees open up many avenues

21 Aug, 2019
A law degree doesn’t only lead to working in a law firm as the variety of employers at the AUT Law Career Fair indicated on Monday.

International alumni meet in Guangzhou

20 Aug, 2019
The AUT alumni community in China have gathered for the first time in Guangzhou City.

Alumna shortlisted for key NZ art prize

20 Aug, 2019
Now a successful artist based in New York, AUT art and design alumna Gabriella Challis was recently shortlisted for the 2019 Parkin Drawing Prize
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Holocaust ignorance should spur action

09 Aug, 2019
A new poll reveals startling gaps in our knowledge about the Holocaust. Countering this is urgent and important, writes AUT lecturer Dr Melissa Derby.

Sport must better support players

05 Aug, 2019
Athlete development must better support Pacific and indigenous players, argues Sierra Keung from AUT’s School of Sport and Recreation.

Climate emergency? Try revolution

18 Jul, 2019
New Zealand's climate emergencies don't look, sound or quack much like an emergency, writes Dr David Hall of The Policy Observatory at AUT.
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