Professor Niven Winchester

5 questions: Professor Niven Winchester

23 Oct, 2020
We asked Professor Niven Winchester five questions about his research ahead of his Inaugural Professorial Address.
Rosa Kalauni smiling in front of a classroom whiteboard.

Hope for the Niuean language in Aotearoa

23 Oct, 2020
Learning the Niuean language and the culture embedded within it can bring identity and self-esteem, AUT alumnae Rosa Kalauni says.
Picture of a laptop and stethoscope

Increasing wellbeing of trainee doctors

Social sciences and public policy
22 Oct, 2020
New research establishes an association between the daily mood of trainee doctors and their intention to quit.
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Around AUT

A cartoon of a man popping out of a laptop holding a megaphone and a sign that reads "open library".

Employment relations journal now free

13 Oct, 2020
The New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations will now make itself available free on Tuwhera, AUT’s open access journal hosting service.
MBIE investigators

Data Science for Mental Health

09 Oct, 2020
AUT has secured more than $2.1m to develop new data science technology for mental health diagnosis in MBIE Catalyst Programme.
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Illustration of a tree in a field with one half affected by climate change and the other healthy and green.

Do we follow or lead on climate change?

06 Oct, 2020
When the Zero Carbon Act was passed, back in pre-Covid times, the Prime Minister insisted “New Zealand will not be a slow follower” on climate change.
colourful vegetables

Eating healthy is hard on a Covid budget

24 Sep, 2020
More of us are now facing food insecurity - with children, Pacific peoples and Māori the most impacted, writes Emeritus Professor Elaine Rush.
Assoc Prof Khylee Quince

I am a monolingual dinosaur

24 Sep, 2020
September brings excitement and anxiety about te reo, writes Law expert Khylee Quince.
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