Recycled Reuse-cup, Jake Clayton

Teaching sustainability in design

Art and design
20 Oct, 2021
For Industrial Design students at AUT, light-proof milk bottles are a valuable resource to be reimagined in a circular economy challenge.
Dr Armgan Sabetian, Dr Jingjing Zhang, Dr Julian Lilkendey

Ancient fish bones reveal lost habitats

19 Oct, 2021
AUT scientists combine satellite tracking and chemical analysis to reveal ancient habitats of Hauraki Gulf snapper.
Offshore fish farms

Research: offshore fish farms

19 Oct, 2021
AUT is leading a large 36-month international project to develop a technique to assess the environmental impact of offshore aquaculture.
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Around AUT

Decal of flowers and birds in hospital

Creating a healing environment

22 Oct, 2021
Katie Twisleton’s master's research looked at how graphic design could be used in a stroke ward to improve experiences of healthcare.
A screenshot from the video showing the words "Stroke: Busting the Myths - Episode 8"

Pacific language videos: Niue

18 Oct, 2021
Episode eight of this year’s AUT Pacific Language Week video series has been released.
Vaccination bus

AUT shuttles become vaccination buses

18 Oct, 2021
AUT shuttles have a temporary new role and are on the road helping in the mobile vaccination campaign.
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Kate-Managing for a better World

Worst of times bring out the best in us

22 Oct, 2021
Maybe – just maybe – our perspectives and priorities around what really matters have fundamentally changed, writes Business School Dean, Kate Kearins.
Associate Professor Khylee Quince

Listen to - and trust - the experts

18 Oct, 2021
I trust the Covid experts – including Rawiri, Collin and Siouxsie – because I broadly trust the systems and institutions in which they honed their crafts.
Innovation promotion

Our economy is not promoting innovation

18 Oct, 2021
NZ must move from "closed" to "open" innovation approaches to better promote collaboration and grow our economy, writes Omid Aliasghar.
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